The Dodge brand stands out among American auto manufacturers. It’s one of the oldest in the US, in fact, founded initially in the year 1900 as a machine shop by Dodge brothers Horace Elgin and John Francis. The company made auto parts first, selling them to carmakers all over what would become the Motor City, Detroit, Michigan. However, by 1914, its first models began rolling off the factory line.

The company went on to produce vehicles galore over the years, from coupes and sedans like Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger to SUVs such as Dodge Durango and trucks like Dodge Ram.

We sell a wide variety of Dodge parts — everything from air filters and brake pads to oil filters and floor mats. More importantly, however, we sell only genuine OEM parts, designed to be compatible specifically with the Dodge car or SUV you love to drive. You won’t get the same fit and finish from the aftermarket.